Humble Bindle Adventures

Carrying on in the tradition of bringing awesome games to PC, Mac, Linux and Android users for a small price and helping charities to boot, Humble Bundle have an Adventure Bundle that’ll send you packing – for an epic Adventure, not send you packing because it’s a bad bundle… ah… you get the idea.

For the minimum amount of your currency ($1 for Steam keys), you can get the excellent Detective Grimoire (also on android), both the brilliant Broken Sword: Director’s Cut and equally brilliant Broken Sword 2 (not quite the right format review but close enough), and finally The Whispered World, which has either the best or worst voice over for a sad clown that you’ve ever heard.

Pay more than the average ($3.50 at the time of writing) to snag: The Detail Episode One, which is pretty darn good; A Golden Wake, which we liked; and Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller: GOTY, which contains two colons in its title and it also meant to be pretty darn good.

If you opt to give $10 for the final tier, then you’ll at least have donated extra money to charity. You could also donate some time to Broken Sword 5 butwell… the less said the better.

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