Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising launch trailer

We have here the launch trailer for the new Operation Flashpoint game, Sequel to 2001’s Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Though the original game’s creators Bohemia Interactive have since moved on to their own Arma series, Codemasters bring us their take on hardcore military action.

Despite the video appearing similar to many modern day FPSs the difference between the likes of Call of Duty and Op Flash are huge, with the former being a mostly linear experience with scripted events and tight level design. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising tries to more accurately portray the truth of warfare, with instant death to the unwary and a focus on caution and tactical gameplay taking centre stage.

As you might expect then, this is a game about one shot kills, huge open maps and an emphasis on teamwork. The main campaign offers 4 player co-op (just make sure you don’t play with anyone called L. Jenkins) as well as a host of multiplayer modes. But most importantly it offers you a massive amount of freedom in the way you approach the game and your objectives. Having said that, driving around like a nutter in a jeep trying to run Chinese soldiers over probably isn’t the best use of that freedom (But we’ll all try it anyway).

Operation Flashpoint:  Dragon Rising is out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on the 9th of October in the UK, October 10th for the rest of Europe.

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