Wiiwaa (your guess is as good as ours)

Hands up whoever has dreamt about having the opportunity to feed their Wiimote to a monster and then jiggle the creature about in order to play a game through animal abuse?

Well, good news for all of you borderline psychopaths who don’t want to hurt anything real, as Wiiwaa by the just as mad sounding Zoink Games allows you to do just that as the video above so brilliantly demonstrates.

We’re not going to lie, this game looks completely mental and would possibly not appeal to those who have the reading comprehension to visit the lovely Critical Gamer, but as a child’s toy, it is actually quite a neat looking idea. If they are likely to throw your precious Wii remotes about you might as well surround it in padding and make a game from it.

Some of the mechanics, such as throwing the thing in the air and turning it on it’s head actually look to be nicely done and is exactly the kind of thing that might appeal to a little sprog who likes to test the tensile strength of plush toys.

This is yet another bit of evidence that the Wii has still not been exhausted of ideas that makes it look completely bonkers.

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Written by Anthony H

Anthony has been playing games for far too much of his life, starting with the MS-DOS classic Mario is Missing. Since then his tastes have evolved to include just about anything, but his soft spot lies with shooters and the odd strategy game. Anthony will inspire you with his prose, uplift you with his wit and lie to you in his biography.


  1. Patrick G /

    Hey if anyone stuck about what to get me at chritmas, just pick me up one of these Wiiwaa

  2. This is actually a fantastic idea.

    Accessible as the Wii remote has made video games to young and old, hardcore and previously disinterested alike, there is – was – stil an insurmountable problem.

    Certain genres such as the platform adventure demand the use of the nunchuk on the Wii. I personally love the nunchuk-remote setup; but it can prove problematic for those unfamiliar with games, and also for very young children, as it closely resembles a traditional controller. Wiiwaa is the perfect solution! Some kids are comfortable with multi – button, analogue stick carrying controllers – but ALL kids know how to play with toys. I have a four year old daughter, and I can imagine her using this control method with ease while having a great time doing so.

    Not sure it’ll appeal to the office workers and grandparents who have flocked to the Wii, but you never know…

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