Six Games, Six Xbox Live Deals of the Week


It seems Microsoft is in good spirits this week, offering not one, not two, but six Xbox Live Arcade game discounts. With savings of 33-50%, these are some genuinely good deals for some of the service’s better games. Check out the full list below and accept Peggle as your new god and saviour.

Normal Price Discount Price
Worms 2: Armageddon 800 400
Serious Sam HD 1200 800
Peggle 800 400
Duke Nukem 3D 800 400
Battlefield 1943 1200 800
Call of Duty Classic 1200 800
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Written by Joe D

Inspired by a love for obscure Sega Saturn games in the 90s, Joe is pretty much open to anything gaming has to offer. What he looks for in a game: creativity and strong design, or sometimes just an overwhelming sense of style.

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