Red Dead Redemption: Outlaws to the End free DLC released

You can never have too many revolver duels, horse chases or carriage heists and thankfully, Rockstar knows this, as they have just released the Outlaws to the End DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption available on PSN and Xbox Live .

The free add-on pack introduces six new co-op missions for you and up to three mates to tackle. This includes an intense raft based shootout down a river, an explosive siege from the Mexican army, a set of stage coach thefts, a hoard of gold to steal, a rustled cow herd and another visit to Fort Mercer.

This should keep you busy for a little longer if you’ve already strained the singleplayer missions dry. It’s also worth checking out the fantastic multiplayer modes that generally involve a lot of shooting, and other western related activities.

You can check out our review of Red Dead Redemption here.

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  1. Krazyface /

    YEEEHAA PARDNER!!! I’m looking forward to this (if I can get the time) and I’m doing a shout out for Scruffy, Crikey and Cubes to come join me in some western rootin’ lootin’ an’ shootin’ in the old west. Let’s saddle up an show those Bollard boys who the real daddies are!!!

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