Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie is a gamer

As we all know, videogames get a lot of undeserved criticism from various ignorant corners. It’s always nice to see some support for a change, but what we really need is somebody respected and admired in intellectual circles, perhaps. Somebody revered in such quarters who will casually and unashamedly defend our hobby.

How about Knighted, Booker Prize winning, world famous author Salman Rushdie?

Speaking to about his latest novel Luka and the Fire of Life, Rushdie reveals that the story was partly influenced by his thirteen year old son, his son’s love of videogames… and perhaps even his own experiences with the medium.

“I’m not addicted, but I do enjoy them.” Rushdie says of videogames, also admitting that he’s not the world’s most talented gamer. “I like playing [Wii] Tennis against my son.”

Knock the Wii all you want; but if Wii Sports is good enough for Salman Rushdie, it’s good enough for us. And as themselves point out to him, he’s made it much more difficult for videogames to be casually dismissed and criticised.

“That’s what my son’s mother keeps telling me!” he laughs.

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Written by Luke K

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