New BANG! gameplay trailer

Multiplayer games that play across different major platforms are quite rare out in the wilderness of the gaming world. BANG!, the videogame based on the spaghetti western board game of the same name will let owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Atom Netbook and PC play the game together, no matter what their platform of choice is.

Daniele Azara, Production Director of Italian production company Palzoun said, “The MultiCross-Platform Multiplayer feature of BANG! is a very important milestone. BANG! will, for the first time, allow players who each own a standalone platform to play the same game together.”

Giovanni Caturano, President and CEO of SpinVector, added, “Our MultiCross-Platform Multiplayer technology means that of course we have created multiple versions of our code and content, one for each platform. All versions have been optimised and re-designed but the key is that they all ‘talk’ together.”

The game will be released across all mnetioned platforms this December and will be available from the iTunes AppStore, Intel AppUp (Atom Netbook) and PC direct download.

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