Breaking News: Bad Weather Encourages Gaming

Over the last few days most of Britain has been coated in at least three inches of snow, and in some areas several feet. This awful weather coupled with record breaking freezing temperatures has seen a rise in the number of people staying in and gaming. Apparently it just isn’t the weather to go outside and play football.

In a press release issued by Spil Games UK, they reported a shocking 15% increase in site traffic and, judging by the free-to-play ad-laden casual games selected, this increased audience seems to be comprised of mostly women and children.

The press release cites; ‘The growth comes as reports indicate more than 800 schools have closed and travel continues to be disrupted with flight cancellations, train delays and road closures. Game genres that showed the greatest increase would suggest more women played games in the period monitored, with children’s games also seeing a significant boost’.

In other news: eating too much will make you fat, driving with your eyes closed may lead to accidents, snow is cold, and reading the Daily Mail newspaper will make you a bigot obsessed with conspiracy theories.

This slow news day has been brought to you by The Weather.

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Written by Ian D

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