See L.A. Noire’s First Real Gameplay Trailer

With the release of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire getting closer, it seems it’s time for awkward trailer-voice guy to make his return. Much like the trailers that led up to the release of Red Dead Redemption, this new gameplay trailer plays like a stiff business presentation – though the footage speaks for itself. The trailer shows the basic gameplay loop for the game, which involves Rockstar’s trademark driving, shooting, and story-telling, but with a crime-solving twist. Players will be able to investigate crime scenes, examine clues, and piece together the truth by talking to witnesses. They’ll rise up the ranks from street cop to homicide detective. This, combined with the game’s insane performance capture technology, makes for what looks like another open-world Rockstar game with enough twists to keep things fresh. And those faces!

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you find the characters creepy, realistic, or a bit of both? And how about playing the good guy in Rockstar game? The trailer gives us all a lot to digest and makes the wait for the game’s release in May that much harder.

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Written by Joe D

Inspired by a love for obscure Sega Saturn games in the 90s, Joe is pretty much open to anything gaming has to offer. What he looks for in a game: creativity and strong design, or sometimes just an overwhelming sense of style.

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