Disney rumoured to be working on social networking game

The Critical Gamer covert ninja observation team just stumbled back to our office with rumours that Disney is working on a social networking game titled Sunshine Heights.

Unfortunately when they were questioned on how they came across such information the squad gave each other a nervous glance and smoke bombed the room to mask their getaway.

With nothing other than a title and the company behind it we’re a little unsure of what to extract from the information. Could Sunshine Heights be a town? A hotel? A mental institution?

We think we can safely say that it’s not aiming to be a Call of Duty or Gears of War killer at any rate. What do you think?

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Written by Anthony H

Anthony has been playing games for far too much of his life, starting with the MS-DOS classic Mario is Missing. Since then his tastes have evolved to include just about anything, but his soft spot lies with shooters and the odd strategy game. Anthony will inspire you with his prose, uplift you with his wit and lie to you in his biography.

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