Win a magic 360 joypad charging box with Gioteck

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As we have said many times before here at Critical Gamer – and as we shall doubtless repeat many times in the future – everybody likes free stuff. No matter what it is, if it’s free that means it looks, smells, feels, tastes, and works better. It’s an axiom. Well, now Gioteck (for whom you may remember our very own Mr G now works) are offering five people the chance to nab one of their Xbox 360 joypad DF-1 chargers for – yup – free.

The military-styled box can charge two controllers at once, meaning you can pretend you’re in the army and it’s vitally important that you juice up a couple of joypads on the battlefield for some reason. It’s mains powered, so there’s no chance of the ironic-yet-vaguely-amusing situation of your charger needing to be charged or have its batteries replaced. It even makes use of this newfangled contact charging. No fiddly plug/socket malarkey for your controllers here!

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of getting one of these magic boxes? Well first of all, you have to ‘Like’ the official Gioteck UK Facebook page. Not just think it’s nice, but hit the Like button (you can dislike it but hit the Like button if you want, we won’t tell). Next – and this is the tricky bit – you have to think of which game you’d most like to find in an Easter egg (yes) and why. Squish your thoughts into words, and send them to Steven – making sure to also identify who you are on Facebook – at steven [dot] gurevitz [at] gioteck [dot] com.

The competition closes April 2nd at 9am UK time, so hurry! Good luck, and please don’t e mail us or comment to brag if you win. We can’t enter, and that would make us very sad.

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Written by Luke K

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