Mario Kart 8 Defies Gravity

New Console, New Mario, New Mario Kart. Mario Kart comes once a Nintendo console cycle and Mario Kart 8 is indeed the eighth installment in the series, due out during spring 2014. It looks very nice and crisp, with it’s new HD visuals but what else is there? Well, you can drive on the land, underwater, on motorbikes and glide through the skies like in previous games. Oh, and now you can defy the laws of physics by driving along walls and ceilings!

So it’s basically a match of all the best elements of the previous Mario Kart games (though no love for Double Dash) and is now encroaching on F-Zero territory. It will be a good game, there is little doubt for that, but will it be a good game and will they change levels from previous games to cope with the new mechanics? Only time and Nintendo can tell us these answers but until then, why not watch some racing below (7:40 for Nintendo direct)?

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Written by Sean P

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