Prepare for MOBA AMMOgeddon

Back in 2011, a small game by the name of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution was released on Steam. It’s basically a toned down bullet hell shmup – still a particularly difficult game by some of today’s standards – but it was enjoyable and a rarity to see a game of it’s style being released. Now there are two recent releases related to it.

First on the list is the new DLC for Burning Retribution; named Forgotten Prison it adds a new mission modified to include traps, secrets and new enemies to test your skills against. Aside from being designed to be quite challenging; it is also far longer than most missions and should take a respectably long time to beat. It also contains the weapons and gear from the previous DLC, so you can take those into the singleplayer and multiplayer alike if you wish; it’s pretty cheap by any standard, so if you fancy yourself as a competent hovertank pilot you should give it a go.

Secondly you have Steel Storm A.M.M.O. which is a Steam Early Access MOBA based off of the original game’s mechanics and world – but is being worked on by Zeolite Studios; whereas Burning Retribution and Forgotten Prison is developed by Kot in Action. By virtue of being a shooter rather than a strategy RPG hybrid, it already has enough to set it apart from the crowded MOBA market. It still sticks with certain MOBA tropes like the 5v5 combat, minions and towers but hopefully the shooter spin will give it a different tactical and gameplay feel to it’s peers.

Zeolite Studios are very open in their development and will definitely be taking advice from players about how the game should improve/form up over the course of its development. The video below shows a little of the gameplay as a work in progress, showcasing a few of the weapons and features rather than a full game playthrough. If you’re into MOBAs or shmups, then it’ll be worth your time to check it out on Steam Early Access.

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