[UPDATED] Arkham Origins’ multiple game-breaking bugs still crawling through code

UPDATE: As reported by Eurogamer, Warner Bros has finally officially admitted the problem, and has announced that yet another patch is imminent – though it will leave some of the most severe issues unaddressed.

It’s never a good sign when a game receives two patches less than a week after hitting shelves. It’s even less of a good sign when neither patch fixes even one game-breaking bug (both seem to mainly address frame rate issues and cutscene problems). It’s Skyrim all over again only, actually, worse; as the very worst problems seem to be present on every format.

The video at the top demonstrates the now-infamous Burnley Tower bug, where Batman is inexplicably unable to pull himself up to the open grate – thereby slamming the door on progress completely. This seems to be the most common problem encountered by players across PC and console alike. Below you can see another common bug encountered during the Mad Hatter section; while this proves to be game-breaking for the majority of people, this particular YouTuber managed to eventually get past it. Perhaps the following footage will help somebody.

While we’ve been unable to find footage of it at time of writing, another common bug that makes progressing further through the story literally impossible – and the one we hit ourselves, shooting down the Arkham Origins review due to go up this week – involves an elevator refusing to raise itself a frustrating few feet. One thread detailing it can be found here.

The game is littered with lesser bugs everywhere, resulting in everything from the allegedly addressed frame rate issues to enemies getting stuck in scenery. In fact, below you can see exactly this happening from about 8:10 onwards. Our very own Ian was recording a Predator map for his ridiculously popular personal YouTube channel, when (not for the first time) he ran into a glitch of his own. Bottom line: don’t gamble your money by buying this until it’s been patched properly. If you’ve already bought a copy but don’t have your console connected to the internet then you’re out of luck, but we’re sure Warner Bros thank you for your money!

Oh, and did we mention that many people have suffered corrupted saves for no apparent reason?

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