New Watch_Dogs trailer shows what Nvidia (and a monster PC) can do

Watch that video up there. Ain’t it purdy? Okay, so it’s basically just two adverts in one – trying to get you excited about Watch_Dogs and Nvidia – but ain’t it purdy?

To be fair, the voiceover which explains some of the techniques used to make the PC version look as lovely as possible will be genuinely interesting to people who care about such things. The end result is undeniably impressive. Okay, so the trailer is clearly showing the game running on a PC powerful enough to develop self-awareness, but… ain’t it purdy?

In a more general sense, elements such as changing weather and people going about their business serve as a reminder that Ubisoft is promising an authentic, populated Chicago. Comparisons with games such as GTA V (which has a much bigger map) are unavoidable in this respect. This has the potential to deliver an even more believable city; but will it? With a release date of May 27th, we don’t have too much longer until we find out. After this date, overly serious arguments about how good it looks on the various formats will finally be settled, too. Oh, and we’ll know if it’s any good.

Watch_Dogs may have some awards in its future. If so, we sincerely hope that “Silliest Use Of An Underscore” is one of them.

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Written by Luke K

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