Sniper Elite III trailer shows bullets, brains, and ballistics


Did you play multiformat snipefest Sniper Elite V2? If not, you really ought to see about fixing that. Yes, it was set during the second world war at a time when the industry had already seen about 300 games too many taking place during the period. The surprising thing is, however, once you start playing you really don’t care. Very few games offer you such a level of freedom combined with a tense atmosphere, and huge rewards for careful planning. The sequel will – hopefully – offer a similarly pleasing mix.

Mixing traditional trailer presentation with multiple snatches of real-time gameplay, the above video promises that you can indeed still scope areas out, set traps, stay hidden if you’re skilled/lucky enough, and watch the squishy inside bits of your enemies change positions in ways that they really shouldn’t. It’s also hinted that there will be more opportunities to take out multiple enemies with one shot. Like the previous game, there’s also Hitler-flavoured pre-order DLC to be had.

The biggest, most important question concerning Sniper Elite III is: will it be any good? With a release date of June 27th (July 1st in the US), it’s not long before everybody knows. It’s due out for pretty much every home format except the poor old Wii U, which yet again misses out on a promising multiformat title.

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