Like laughing, podcasts & videogame music? Then Whales are Whales is for you!

As any respectable scientist can tell you, the internet is stitched together with podcasts. It requires a lot of stitches and heck, even us at Critical Gamer do our part to help prevent the information superhighway unravelling like a Scooby Doo mummy. Okay, so our episodes are released with Half-Life regularity (just one this year so far) but hey – we’re working on that! You know what, though? There’s a really cool place to go for interviews with famous videogame music composers, podcasts featuring young American men who clearly have too much sugar/caffeine in their diet, and lots more. That place is Whales are Whales.

WaW (not to be confused with WoW, or 80s pop sensation Wham!) is your one-stop shop for independent and totally free audio productions. Still in its infancy, only a few projects are currently included; but together they hold an enormous amount of hours worth of entertainment. Already available, for example, are a “mockumentary” on the Disembodied Voices podcast (which you should totally listen to, if only because our very own Luke narrates), more traditional DV podcasts such as this April edition, and Train Station at 8 already has some impressive music-flavoured guests under its proverbial belt – such as this episode with Jason Hayes. Whales are Whales is the upstart brainchild of Stephen & Bryan Kelly, both of whom used to write words in a mostly coherent order for CG (Stephen has also done this for Nintendo Life). Stephen – a surprisingly talented comic actor with a unique singing voice – has this to say for himself:

My brother Bryan and I have been inventing projects together for ages (our first “Let’s Play” was on a tape cassette).Whales are Whales is a comfy little home for those creations to live, and we’ve already got a circle of friends held together with enthusiasm and rubber bands. It’s pretty fun. Also, I didn’t bribe Critical Gamer to write this article. They’re just nice.

So head over to and see what they have to offer. It’s all free, and Stephen & Bryan are guaranteed to make you laugh – sometimes intentionally!

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Written by Luke K

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