New Far Cry 4 trailer features extreme violence, two bears having a fight

Good grief, the latest trailer for Far Cry 4 is violent. Ostensibly a story trailer, it nonetheless shows people being shot, punched, stabbed, burned, shot again, shot again, mauled, burned again, electrocuted, and shot again. There’s even a bit of self-harm thrown in for, um, good measure. Despite all this it is one of the best trailers ever made simply because, for a brief but heavenly moment, you get to see two bears having a fight.

Do you want to see two grown men driving their quad bikes off a cliff for some reason? This is the trailer for you. How about monkeys holding candles? Again, you’re in luck here, so long as you don’t mind the monkeys being rather dead (macaques, we’d say, though not the genus Tibetan macaque as you might expect; that is significantly more hairy than the wax-wielding primates in the trailer). The main thing to be taken away from this trailer in terms of story is that lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people are going to die. And at least two bears will have a fight.

Oh, and also, there’s a wolf who can make whole towns explode just by sneering at them, if we’re interpreting things right (which we’re pretty sure we are). There’s an elephant in there too but, bizarrely, he/she doesn’t attack anybody. Probably some sort of mistake. There’s an eagle and a tortoise having a race though (we think) and also two bears who, in case we forgot to mention it, are having a fight.

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Written by Luke K

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