A GAME infographic what has Critical Gamer in it, innit

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the greedy, selfish side of Christmas (in fact it was a few days earlier, in our feature where we explained our most wanted games of 2015). That’s not all the festive season’s about, of course. It’s also about giving to others on the understanding that you’ll get something in return! Which leads us neatly into the collaboration which led to the production of the infographic below.

GAME, with the help of some external PR, asked a handful of folks from places on the web such as VG24/7, The Average Gamer, Frugal Gaming, and – yes – Critical Gamer some questions. Videogame related questions, of course. If you’d like to know what the best and worst games according to people from some of your favourite sites are, you’ve come to the right place! We were all also asked our opinion on the future of gaming, which has produced an interesting variety of answers.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no money changed hands on the bloggers’ part (so far as we know); but if anybody does want to send us cash/vouchers/sweets/bubble wrap, we’ll accept it with no shame. This is being posted solely out of vanity politeness on the part of the editor. The infographic is hidden somewhere on the GAME website, but we have a direct link for you here. Alternatively, just cast your eyes over the image below. Enjoy!

Video Gaming State of Play

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