Destiny Gives You Bull [UPDATED]

Activision, in an effort to corner the energy drinks and videogame promotion world record, now has a special promotion with Red Bull for Destiny; that game where you shoot aliens and robots, and we thought was alright. As a game promotion that only takes place in North America it’s not massively awful but it does time limit a “multi-stage mission” from the new expansion (The Taken King) and renders it exclusive to people who have bought cans of the special promotional Red Bull. Come the new year it will be available to all; but it’ll be behind this Bull wall from September 15th to December 31st. It also offers one small and short XP boost per can, which if you like your Red Bull is a nice little bonus we suppose. How long though, we wonder, until the first report of a Destiny consumer eager to level up faster suffering a Red-Bull-overdose-induced heart attack? 

At what point did Bungivison decide that Destiny consumers across the world were saying to themselves “Well, I’m enjoying shooting a handful of enemy types across a small selection of levels, but what this game really needs is the involvement of Red Bull ©”?

UPDATE: The inevitable apology has arrived for Luke Smith’s train wreck of an interview with Eurogamer. Okay, so the apology has come in the form of selling more add-ons to consumers and very subtly implying that the interviewer failed to present the answers as they were delivered, but it’s (probably) better than nothing. Read on for a summary of the original disaster.

That in itself isn’t exactly world ending but, in an interview with Eurogamer, the rude “Creative” Lead, Luke “Complete Tool” Smith, ignores how to behave like a decent human being and instead talks like a politician, answering questions by not answering them (but he does mention several times how he empathises with all those people begging to give Bungie & Activision more money). He sidesteps any question regarding the pricing of the new Destiny Expansion and instead talks about how good the pricing of the collector’s edition is for newcomers, over and over and over again. It’s worth reading just to see exactly how much of a tool he is, and he is a massive tool. Tool, tool, tool… tool.

Anyway, it’s a missed opportunity that it doesn’t give you wings.

Source: Eurogamer

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    Dying Light’s return campaign regarding glasses of water in response to this made me laugh. Send a tweet-pic of yourself drinking a glass of water to their twitter line and grab some in-game content for your “effort”!

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