Sleeping Dogs E3 trailer gets violent

Power drills to the knee, heads slammed in doors and plenty of guns are amongst some of the brutal thrills shown off in the Sleeping Dogs E3 trailer.

It opens with undercover cop Wei Shen being tortured by people who apparently know he is an undercover cop. We won’t completely discredit Shen’s abilities as a social chameleon, but he doesn’t seem very good at it; especially when you see the rest of the trailer and the action he kicks up throughout.

Shen drives, punches and shoots his way through open-world Hong Kong and its violent inhabitants. The former True Crime title is looking very promising and action-packed, or at least the cinematic gameplay shots from this trailer make it seem that way.

We don’t have long to wait now as Sleeping Dogs will be breaking into shops on August 14 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Written by Anthony H

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