Nintendo Slashed in Half

Too bad Wii consoles don’t shoot out dollar bills any more. On the back of serious Wii saturation stress, even more distressing news has been announced. Exceeding initial projections by over half, Nintendo is down 52 percent to last year. Yes, the acclaimed winner of the console wars thus far is struggling. So much for the video game market being able to save face in any financial situation. This recession is too big for even Mario.

 Meanwhile, one of Scotland’s largest banks sold off its Nintendo shares, in response to the cooling Japan market, reports Bloomberg news.

 Nintendo’s profit will fall the greatest in six years, down 52 percent to last year, reports ethioPlanet news. Nintendo recorded a 259 billion yen profit in the last fiscal year, and have lowered their initial quote of 3 billion for this year. Hiroshi Kamide, a director at KBC Securities Japan, said Nintendo would have to look into a new machine next year, perhaps a hand-held, to spur growth.

 Speaking to ethioPlanet, Kamide reports “It’s just not realistic for [Nintendo] to repeat what they did last year.”

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Written by Les T


  1. Patrick G /

    Looks like there’s troubled times ahead for Nintendo

  2. Well deserved troubled times (although to be honest it’s troubled times comparable to a fat millionaire getting stuck in their solid gold jewel-encrusted chair for an hour).

    Ever seen that internet meme collage of a bunch of people from various TV shows holding their head in their hands out of sheer disbelief? I did that when they showed off that amazingly stupid Vitality Sensor finger thing at E3.

  3. Pidgeridoo /

    I still love you Mario! Go team Nintendo woohoo!

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