Halo: Reach world premiere trailer

Fanboys take up your arms, the Marmite of first person shooters has just had its world premiere, and love it or hate it, Halo: Reach is looking pretty sweet from this teaser.

The trailer above gives us our first look at Bungie’s new shooter, showing off some vaguely familiar looking suits of armour, but with a lot less green shades than we are used to.

Reach looks like it will be a game focussing on Spartans again, as opposed to Orbital Drop Shock Troopers the last instalment placed us firmly in the boots of. This being a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, the Spartans we are introduced to seem a lot different to how Master Chief was presented, actually taking off their helmets and revealing people underneath the thick plating.

No gameplay is showed off in the trailer, but an interesting quip comes from one of the Spartans when he comments on ‘leaving that lone wolf stuff behind’.

Halo 3 had a fair amount of time spent amongst other troops, but no one as armoured as a Spartan, and they were mostly useful as squishy laser fodder. Maybe there will be more team based mechanics in Reach?

Whatever Reach will be about, the trailer mentions that the game ‘falls 2010’ so a release for next year is obviously the current plan. Let’s just hope that the Game Delay Fairy doesn’t strike it.

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Written by Anthony H

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