Splinter Cell Conviction co op mode revealed

Sneaking and rubber suit enthusiasts rejoice, Splinter Cell Conviction’s co-op mode seems to have a lot of both and looks to pull them off very well.

The co op mode will act as the prologue to Sam Fisher’s main revenge fuelled adventure, where the players control an American and Russian agent on the trail of four ‘advanced warheads’.

The trailer shows two spies wearing more conventional Splinter Cell gear and generally working together to accomplish their mission. It’s looking a lot closer to Chaos Theory’s co op than Double Agent’s.

There are several interesting looking gameplay mechanics in the co op mode that can be pulled off as a team, such as a player with a good vantage point marking out the targets for the other player to shoot, with the brand new mark and execute move shown off in previous trailers.

The game will use a matchmaking system to organise who you fight alongside, but PC users will be disappointed to hear that this is another game that will not be giving us dedicated server support.

Every aspect of the game we have seen so far has impressed us, and as we edge forward to the February 23 release date, we continue to get more and more excited. This looks to be a great game for the first quarter of next year when it will be available on Xbox 360 and PC.

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Written by Anthony H

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  1. That was the ONLY thing I still wanted this game to have. Very nice! 😀

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