APB Closed Beta reaches third stage

Realtime Worlds, the Dundee based developer previously responsible for Crackdown are still looking for testers, for part three of their closed Beta for pseudo-MMO APB.

APB sees players choosing between Enforcers and Criminals in a sprawling city-based game of Cops and Robbers. In-depth customisation, 100 player instances and action based gameplay are what differentiates APB from other MMOs on the market.

Says Dave Jones, Creative Director at Realtime Worlds “We’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of new players to San Paro in the coming weeks.” He continues “As APB enters this final stage of closed beta testing, we’re anticipating a huge surge of interest with gamers from all over the world applying to take part and provide invaluable feedback to the development team preparing us for launch.”

So if you want to get involved in the beta head over to www.apb.com/beta-application and sign-up today.

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