Deadly Premonition gets UK release

Rising Star Games have announced today that they will be publishing the infamous 360 horror/survival game, Deadly Premonition, across Europe during Q4 2010.

Though Rising Star have an agreement with Marvellous Entertainment to release their games in all PAL territories, when they initially made public their schedule for 2010, Deadly Premonition was ominously not on the list.

But yesterday the publishers confirmed that they would indeed be unleashing Deadly Premonition across Europe.

The game has split opinion Stateside, with critics calling it everything from a must have to a complete waste of time and money.

It’s good news for fans of horror but what they’ve failed to mention is that though the game retails at $19.99 in the US, it will cost UK gamers £24.99, meaning you’ll be paying twice as much as your American cousins for exactly the same game.

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