Nintendo blocks flashcarts on Wii and DSi

Contributing to the piracy prevention buzz currently circling consoles, Nintendo has waded back into the ring and stepped on the toes of the homebrew and software piracy scene with a new firmware update that has stopped flashcarts from working on the DSi and Wii.

The update was released on Tuesday with the official purpose being behind the scenes performance improvements and tweaking. Since the update however, many flashcarts have stopped working prompting users to suspect that this was Nintendo’s true intention. This is not a case with all flashcarts however, with the recently damned R4 model apparently not being affected by the patch.

People may think that Nintendo has been a bit underhanded if the true intention was to block tinkering with the console, but before the update is applied, users do receive a warning. “If your Wii console includes unauthorized modifications this update may detect and remove unauthorized content causing immediate or delayed inoperability of your console”.

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  1. If you are modding or hacking your wii then you don’t belong online with it affecting others. I’m happy if Ninty bricks a system. I’m tired of hackers ruining my online fun. Power to Nintendo for taking responsibility to control their own system so honest people can enjoy their online service.

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