Tesco aim for 20% of the games market

Ask the owner of a small independent videogames store what they think of Tesco, and chances are you’ll walk away with the impression that the supermarket chain is run by a gang of 1920s silent movie villains, complete with top hats and improbably long moustaches to twiddle. It’s undeniable that Tesco (and other supermarket chains) have put the squeeze on specialist retailers by selling big titles at a loss, however; and recent statements of intent will alarm many.

“We now have the resource to get to 20 percent of the games software market.” Tesco’s senior buying manager for games, John Stanhope, told MCV. “The next step is to have service desks at the heart of the department. In the top 250 Tesco stores we have the opportunity to create a proper games and entertainment and electrical department.”

More than 60 Tesco stores sell preowned games, and Stanhope also boasted of how his company has doubled its share of the market for software, hardware and peripherals over the last 12 months. 20% of the market is an ambitious target, but Tesco just might have the muscle to achieve it.

Some are convinced that Tesco want to take over the planet, but just how much will the videogames market help them with that? Well, you know; every little helps.

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Written by Luke K

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