Serious Sam HD and Alien Breed Trilogy hit retailers in March

UK independent games publisher Mastertronic is lining up a double whammy of Xbox 360 retail releases of popular downloadable games this March.

The first strike comes from the gib hungry minigun of Serious Sam HD, with both the first and second encounter leaping onto shop shelves on March 4.

Mastertronic’s Product Director Neil McKenna said: “Serious Sam has been released on over five different formats over a 10-year period, most recently receiving a successful release via Xbox Live. We’re bringing Serious Sam back to the retail market and with recent statistics showing two out of three gamers prefer to buy discs rather than download.”

Following on from this the company will also release the Alien Breed Trilogy on March 18, catering to those who like their alien mutilation spun from a shiny disc inside their console.

Chipping in his thoughts about re-releasing Alien Breed, Mr McKenna also said: “With the Alien Breed games developed as AAA titles, and originally only being available to download, we’re very pleased to offer gamers a chance to play the complete boxed trilogy collection for the first time.”

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Written by Anthony H

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