Merry/Happy Christmas/Chanukah! Free festive flash game here!

Snow Leopards not included. We just liked the picture.

Do you like Christmas? Do you like Chanukah? Do you like free Flash games? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions, then ‘A Little Helper’ just might be for you.

Developed by CodeHeads – with a helping hand from audio experts 2002 Studios (which means our very own Grumpy Gurevitz had a hand in there, which has nothing to do whatsoever with the decision to promote it. Nothing at all) – players are given the option to tailor the presentation to centre on either Christmas (a Christian festival celebrating the birth of Santa Claus) or Chanukah (a Jewish festival whose name sounds a bit like ‘Hadouken’).

If neither Christmas nor Chanukah floats your boat, give it a go anyway. You get to be an ice skating elf, and there’s not much more you can ask from life than that, is there? It’s a simple yet compelling collect ’em up, and anybody who claims to collect every single present on their first attempt is a damn liar.

It’s free. It’s enjoyable. It almost implies that magical elves are integral to both Christianity and Judaism. What’s not to like? Go and give it a try!

P.S. The ad you’ll run into has a ‘skip ad’ button so you can jump straight to the game. Don’t tell them we told you that, though.

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Written by Luke K

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