Holiday Sale on Blackwell Mystery Games

In case the freezing weather, copious amounts of coloured lights and rampant uncharacteristic displays of unbridled cheer weren’t enough hints for you; it’s Christmas. Along with all those other things, Christmas is also a time for deals.

Sure, we could mention all the big name games going on sale but in the spirit of the season we want to focus on the small genres. One deal that might deserve a special mention is from Wadjet Eye Games as they offer the indie Blackwell trilogy of games for the total price of $9.99 (£6.40) until January 1st.

The Blackwell Mystery games are a point & click adventure in the classic style made popular by the likes of Sierra and LucasArts in the early nineties. The pack is comprised of The Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound and The Blackwell Convergence and tell the story of a medium named Rosa who meets Joey Mallone, a Sinatra-esque ghost from the 1930s, and the pair’s journey as they find and help other tortured souls.

Those with fond memories of those old point & click days might not want to miss out, but if you’re still in two minds then perhaps a trailer for The Blackwell Convergence will help sway you:

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