Critical Gamer in Wikio’s top 20 ‘most influencial’ gaming blogs

Because good news is always nice to spread, we thought we’d share the fantastic news that Critical Gamer has grabbed the number 16 slot in Wikio’s Top 20 UK Gaming Blogs for May (which goes live tomorrow).

Whilst we’ll always be gunning for the top spot we are very grateful for being compiled into Wikio’s list of the most influential gaming blogs throughout the UK and Irish blogospheres. Here’s a sneak peak at the new ranks.

1 VG247
2 The Guardian – The Gamesblog
3 Computer And Video Games
4 TheSixthAxis
5 Dealspwn
7 The Average Gamer
8 PS3 Attitude
9 gamrFeed
10 Critical Hits
11 WoSblog: Weird or Standard?
12 Xbox-Scene News
13 Middle East Gamers
14 Cliffski’s Blog
15 WireNinja
16 Critical Gamer
17 Digital Tools
18 Retro Garden
19 Sketchtasticness
20 Satan

Ranking made by Wikio

Thanks again for all the support you, our readers, show us by reading Critical Gamer. If you want to view the list in full or find out more about how it is compiled, the information is available here on Wikio’s website.

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Written by Anthony H

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