Spitfire’s hybrid mouse/gamepad controller hits 360

If you’ve ever wanted to saw a controller in half and plug a mouse into the left side to replace the right analogue stick, we’ve got the news of the week for you. Introducing the FragFX Shark 360 from Splitfish, the controller that allows you to enjoy the movement of an analogue stick combined with the precision aim of a mouse on your Xbox 360.

“The FragFX design for Xbox 360 has been the most requested gaming periphery device from FPS gamers by far”, says Jason Johnson, Head of Creative Development for Splitfish. “We literally have thousands of emails where gamers have inquired about when a FragFX Shark for 360 would be here. Finally it is! Gamers will be blown away by the pinpoint tracking accuracy and special functions.”

The wireless, hybrid peripheral comes in two parts, with the analogue stick handgrip portion of the device looking familiar to the gamepads will all know and use. The mouse half looks slightly more intimidating, with all of the clicky, slidey functions the majority of us are familiar with, plus four face buttons mounted on the thumb side to maintain all of the functionality necessary to play Xbox 360 games.

Expect to see this available for purchase at the end of August.

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Written by Anthony H

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