Space Marine dev diary details combat

THQ has released a new chainsword revving, ork exploding, plasma spewing trailer for its upcoming third-person shooter, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. As well as showing us plenty more of the gory stuff, we also get a bit more information about the combat system.

It looks a lot more like Dynasty Warriors than Gears of War 3, with no chest high walls in sight and crowds of enemies that like to get close and violently intimate. Fortunately, that’s just how the Space Marines like it.

We get a look at a few ranged weapons, such as the heavy bolter, plasma gun and lascannon, shown tearing through Ork hordes and Chaos nasties, as well as the close range franchise favourites, like power axes and thunder hammers. It sounds like we’ll be seeing these monstrous weapons turning enemies into particle clouds a lot, with “little downtime between battles” and a “blood fest” promised by the dev commentators.

Healing was also covered, with the tried and tested ‘cry behind a wall until the bleeding stops’ method not being very effective. Apparently the best way to stay alive in Space Marine is to stay in the fight and use powerful execution moves to finish off enemies.

There was also mention of a fury metre that can build up to unleash special attacks. Fury mode acts as a sort of bullet time when you are slotting bad guys with a ranged weapon, but behaves as an area of effect clearance move when you are tied down in melee combat.

Expect to see the game break out onto shop shelves on September 6 for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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