Cliffy B hints at untapped 360 power; misquotes idiom

Games improve graphically on each new console as time goes on. This, of course, happens as developers become more accustomed to the new hardware; the only exception being the Wii, as developers already had plenty of experience making games for the GameCube (ho ho). Six years after the console was first released however, the Xbox 360 still has graphical depths to be plundered; so says Cliff Bleszinski.

Yes, everybody’s favourite/most hated developer “Cliffy B” makes news again. He answered a question which, while asked at E3, only hit the news via CVG today. After the Gears of War 3 demo, he was asked if his game represented the best the 360 is capable of graphically. In reply to the “loaded question” he said: “It’s a matter of figuring out how to squeeze water from a stone at this stage in the generation. If you look at games like the new Tomb Raider, or look at Gears [3], these are games that weren’t really possible when the consoles first came out. […] I still think we can still squeeze some more out of it, right? It’s a matter of optimising how you run your work flow and what you do with it.”

Wait a minute. Water from a stone? Water from a stone? The most prominent figure behind a notoriously gory game series censored a well known idiom? Maybe Bleszinski was actually thinking of some kind of ceramic mug, in which case it must be his opinion that it would actually be pretty easy to get more graphical oomph out of the machine. Or perhaps he’s completely unaware of the idiom ‘blood from a stone’, and has actually let slip that he’s aware of an arcane process, difficult yet possible, of extracting liquid from any stone he might find. Perhaps he’s some kind of alchemist.

Okay, see the video above for evidence of getting water out of a stone. But is that particularly desirable, quality water? He didn’t think this metaphor through, did he?

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