Gioteck’s HF-1 controller to be joined by the HF-2 (this time it’s personal)

Gioteck have gone from strength to strength over the past twelve months, seeing their market share double and walking away from the prestigious MCV 2011 Industry Excellence Awards clutching a trophy to strike their enemies down with. After a strong showing at E3, they have a range of new products on the horizon – including the HF-2 controller for PS3.

Designed specifically for FPS games, It looks remarkably similar to an Xbox 360 controller. In case you were wondering, yes, there is an HF-1; and it looks identical. The HF-1 allows for wonderfully precise aiming, but unfortunately is not without its problems. For a full review, see what we made of it here.

The two most notable differences with the HF-2 require the assistance of your trusty computer. Firstly, you’ll be able to adjust the thumbstick sensitivity; and secondly, it will be the first third party controller to be future-proofed against firmware updates, as users will be able to download patches from the official Gioteck website if and when required. This will be a comfort to many; but does the HF-2, due for release this summer, address the problems of the HF-1? All will be revealed in the Critical Gamer review, which you should be watching out for over the next couple of weeks…

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