E3 Preview: We Dance

Swedish developer Nordic Games showcased their upcoming line-up during this year’s E3. Known for their expansive development of Wii games, they continue their specialty by releasing numerous We Sing games for the Wii. Covering a wide array of genres, Nordic Games plans to bring out We Sing games for pop, rock, British songs, American songs, and plenty more to come.

The bigger game they were showing, however, was We Dance. Remember DDR? It was one of those games that got you excited about playing (and really tired). The dance mats and the songs were often quite challenging. We Dance wants to bring this challenge back to dancing games, with their very own dance mat and the power of the Wii. We Dance doesn’t just require you to dance with your feet; you have to use your arms as well.

With a booth that was made entirely of glass, it looked all the more fun to see people swing around their arms and jump like crazy. We Dance isn’t just for the dancing talents, however. It features several levels you can try out. You can also pick and choose whether you want to dance with your feet, your arms, or both.

Upon release the game will feature 40 songs, but there’s more to come! You can download new songs and new steps from the ‘Dance Shop’. You can even play with up to four players at the same time, if you’ve got the living room to host it. Or just play by yourself, start out in the ‘Dance School’ to get a tutorial, do a warm-up session, and then go for it. For those that are really into dance games – you can freestyle all you want, it’s in there.

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