Brand new videos for Far Cry 3, Driver San Francisco, and From Dust!

We’ve got several big FPS fans here at Critical Gamer. Some of those very same people love sandbox gameplay and beautiful environments… so naturally, we love the Far Cry games here. The video above shows an alternate way to play through the level showcased at E3. By and large, it looks like more of the same in Far Cry 3… but you won’t hear us complaining.

The original Driver was a classic and, despite some graphics that look creaky in 2011, still plays great. Driver 2 was good too, but far from the giddy heights of the original. Driver 3, or Driv3r, or Dr1v3r, or whatever the hell it was called… the less said about that, the better.

This new trailer doesn’t give much away, but it certainly tickles our retro glands. Irresistibly cheesy ’70s style soundtrack? Over a hundred licensed cars from at least four different decades? San Francisco to drive and jump around in? Yes please. Want. Now.

And finally, a brief developer diary from the team behind intriguing god game From Dust. Well, it says developer diary, but it’s basically a three minute trailer. Mind you, it does show you the fact that you’re set to be a god who can roll huge balls of lava around, and you can only get even more powerful. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? FEAR US, MORTALS! Um, we mean, could be one to watch.

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