New sumptious-looking Bastion trailer

Boasting a handful of awards before it’s even been released, gorgeous looking RPG Bastion could be one to watch. In fact, you can watch it right now – just play the latest trailer that we’ve kindly stuck up there for you.

Players will take control of the Kid, who is destined to explore and fight his way through a devastated world depicted in that wonderful cartoon-style artwork. We’re promised an “innovative reactive narration system that responds to players’ actions throughout the adventure”. Is it just us, or does that sound a bit like FIFA commentary?

There are only a few short days until the public can see what Bastion is all about for themselves. The Supergiant Games title will be released as part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade line-up on Wednesday, via Warner Brothers, for 1200MP.

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Written by Luke K

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  1. Madhatters13 /

    Wow, that’s quite a collection of awards it’s got there, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. That’s… just not right.

    It does look very interesting indeed though. I will certainly be visiting the marketplace on Wednesday (or possibly Thursday) to give it a try.

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