Star Fox 64 3DS release date and trailer

Next in line for 3DS re-release treatment is the space fighter classic from 14 years ago, Lylat Wars. Renamed to the slightly less catchy Star Fox 64 3DS, the game has now been confirmed for a September 9 release date in the UK.

The game features all of the space and atmosphere bound combat goodness of the original, but spruced up with improved graphics and 3D. Voice overs have also been re-recorded to help restore the script, although it sounds like some of the voice actors of old have been switched over for a new crop. It has been 14 years though.

The new trailer shows gameplay that looks ever so faithful to the Nintendo 64 original, while at the same time showing off a crisper, cleaner look.

Multiplayer also gets some new treats, with the 3DS camera providing some sort of reaction cam for when you annihilate a mate in one of the new multiplayer modes. Look out for more information as we slowly cruise closer to the September release date.

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