Calibur11’s Vault trailer teases Gears of War 3 console case

Fancy cases are usually reserved for PC towers that cast shadows across gamers and hum with a subtle roar that reassures you the components are being kept cool. Likewise, trailers are usually reserved to showcase flashy graphics and the latest games. Calibur11 are breaking both conventions with the Vault, a new Xbox 360 case displayed in the trailer above.

The Vault clamps around the slim Xbox 360 console and adds a vertical stand as well as the necessary grills and vents that help prevent the 360 from cooking itself. The amazing innovation that the video describes as “Hole Technology” allows you to customise the case with various bits and bobs that slot into the myriad of holes that are peppered across the front and side panels.

Accessories start with the very practical controller and headphone cradle, allowing you to store your gaming implements tidily with the console. From here, things take a turn toward the enthusiast market. Separate accessory packs allow you to kit out the remaining holes with a replica claymore mine, ammunition magazine and smoke grenade. You can then finish your case off with a customisable name tag for the front panel.

The trailer ends with a teaser shot of the Gears of War 3 edition Vault, which is similar to the base model, except it has a red motif and a bulging Gears of War logo on the left side, illuminated by red LEDs.

You can pre-order the Gears of War 3 Vault at Calibur11’s website, where you’ll also find a selection of base models.

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