Metal Gear Rising trailer is completely mental

Metal Gear Rising has finally stepped back into the light after months of complete silence. The new trailer is made up of unseen content and gives us a slightly better idea of what the gameplay will be like.

Cyborg Raiden is back in the thick of action with lots of sword swinging and amputations being displayed. Bayonetta dev Platinum Games is behind the project, which goes some way to explaining the somewhat over the top sequences we are shown in this trailer.

It certainly looks a lot more insane that we had previously anticipated, with Raiden throwing a Metal Gear Ray walking doom tank over his shoulder before running up its wing and splitting it down the middle. This is all set to delightfully cheesy rock pop, rather than the dramatic arrangements of Harry Gregson-Williams that the Metal Gear Solid series has used.

Metal Gear Rising is definitely a leap in a new direction for the Metal Gear universe. It looks more like Devil May Cry than Guns of the Patriots. Expect to see it sometime in 2012.

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Written by Anthony H

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