Gamesplanet Lab launches Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Remember our piece on Gamesplanet Lab¬†last week? As of today, the crowdfunding source for indie developers has its first project, Magrunner: Dark Pulse, ready and willing to accept your money. This Portal-esque puzzle game is already built (and for the most part finished), but it needs an extra push to reach the heights 3AM Games is striving for. Throw them enough legal tender and they’ll be able to add a player vs. player mode, a soundtrack from a supposedly well-known composer, multiple languages for the voice acting, new operating system compatibility, and more on top of that.

Once forty-five days of crowdfunding is over, 3AM Games plans to unleash a bevy of beta testing and goodies for those who made the investment, promising that the game won’t be released until their community ranks it four out of five stars or higher. If you want to take a closer look at this comprehensive plan and possibly join the ranks for yourself, head over to the Magrunner project page at Gamesplanet Lab.¬†

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Written by Stephen K

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