A quick word in our ear: Andy Gray talks Fluid Football


Rather than being ‘just another mobile game’, iOS title Fluid Football has met with remarkable success in a very short amount of time. While ultimately being down to dedicated and talented developers, the involvement of Andy Gray and Richard Keys played an important part in the development process. Andy Gray himself took the time to answer a few Fluid Football-flavoured questions for us,  and here they are.

How did you become involved with Fluid Football, and how much of a hand did you have in development?

My great friend, Carl Brewins said I must speak to Jason Cooper, who was in the process of developing a football game with Chromativity. As I met with Jason I realised that he and Chromativity, led by Simon Prytherch, would be the ideal guys for me to work with and were creating something new for the football genre. We ultimately decided that if we were going to get involved we wanted it to be as good as it could possibly be. I also got Keysie (Richard Keys) involved and we created Gray Cooper Media Ltd, with Chromativity as our partners.

In the first three days of launch it has became the number one sports game in twenty countries – a great testament to the team. We hope we can build on this initial success.

Is the new game influenced by the Sky Sports tactics board that you used to use?

My work on TV analysing the tactics after each match made us a natural partner with Chromativity’s game. The main influences on Fluid Football were other games like Flight Control that had great touch screen controls. When we looked into it, we realised that nobody else had taken this approach for a football game. The combination of drag and draw tactical gameplay and levels based around set pieces has made this a great mobile game. It is so satisfying when it all goes right and you hit the back of the net. Take a bow son.


Is videogame football commentary now as close to the real thing as it’s going to get?

Videogame commentary is very realistic, especially when you start to introduce incidental personal comments, player names and performance related comments. Fluid Football was great fun to work on and the commentary is very good. Keysie and I had great fun doing this and you can tell when you hear our comments. We want to continue pushing the boundaries on Fluid Football, so we are literally spending weeks in the studio fine tuning and adding updates!

Would you be interested in doing more games, or sequels to this one?

We have one or two tricks up our sleeve, but they all take time. There is a long list of features and new content we want to add to Fluid Football over the coming months. We are also going to release the game on Android and we are looking at other platforms. You can keep up to date about the game and you can send us your feature requests by following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FluidFootball) and Twitter (@FluidFootball).

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