HMV employee live-tweets mass sacking (using the company account)

Whenever a big-name chain store goes into administration and/or ceases to exist, it’s easy for selfish human nature to take over; for us to think more about the fact that we won’t be able to go shopping there any more. How sad, we say, that people will lose their jobs. This fact is easily forgotten, or at least pushed into the background whenever the matter is discussed.

For a handful of gruesomely amusing minutes on Twitter however, the human angle was very much pushed to the foreground so far as HMV is concerned. One employee live-tweeted a mass sacking he/she was on the receiving end of – using HMV’s official twitter account. The powers that be have since deleted these tweets, but we all know that it’s pretty much impossible to completely remove anything from the internet in this day and age. Captured for posterity by Twitter user @itsMrLuke (not our Luke), here are those unsuccessfully removed tweets in full:

hmv tweets

It’s unclear at this moment in time what, if any, effect this will have on the brand’s recovery.

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