Anime-styled indie hacky slasher Croixleur exists; is very cheap

Croixleur may sound a bit like a marvellously obscene French insult, but it is in fact the name of the indie PC game in the above trailer. Not only does it allow you to hit things with a huge sword (always fun), it allows you to do so for a purchase price from Rice Digital of just £3.49 – less than it costs to buy one issue of most UK games magazines.

The game offers Story, Score Attack and Survival modes, as well as a choice of weapons. The fighting system features – to quote the press release directly – “Move Cancelling, Attack Collisions, Invisible Dashing, and Rigid Body States”. Make of that what you will. There are also twenty in-game achievements if you like that sort of thing and, exclusive to the English language release (Rice Digital specialises in Japanese indie), Widescreen and HD modes. Worth a shot at such a cheap price surely, if only to see what on Earth a “Rigid Body State” is?

In case you were wondering, no, Croixleur is not available on Steam. Should you wish to change that however, you can vote for it on Greenlight. There’s even the promise of free Steam keys for those who have already bought it via another distributor.

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Written by Luke K

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