Company of Heroes 2 wages war in Open Beta


You might of heard already that Company of Heroes 2 is out later this month; June 25th to be exact, but it announced and released shortly thereafter its Open Beta. Having played the Closed Beta already we thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was only multiplayer on a few maps. This new Open Beta will hopefully have all the balances and bulletins available, as it allows for both competitive and cooperative multiplayer over the six maps that they’re showing off.

The game itself will let you progress through 45 levels of the progression system, as well as letting you earn more of the bulletins, which in all fairness is quite a lot of content; if the closed beta is any measure of it. What’s more interesting for any folk that might partake in fighting the good (or bad) fight; is that if you have bought the game or buy it within 60 days of release, you get to keep any progression you earn over the course of the beta.

The Closed Beta was a delight to play and factoring in the new Truesight and snowstorm weather mechanics it gave the game a boost to the already interesting gameplay brought in by its predecessor. Hopefully mortars have been toned down in this new iteration, as they had a particularly strong ability to kill the fun if you were a fan of not having all your troops dying.

Like all good wars, they soon come to an end, and this one is set to finish June 18th. That still gives a good two weeks of playtime, so if you’re still undecided on the game, BUY IT! or y’know try the demo first, whichever.

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