ChronoBlade Beta climbs onto your Facebook walls

Pssht, Facebook games, am I right? Maybe not so, It’s easy to take a shot at games that appear on Facebook but ChronoBlade, which is also headed to Ouya, Android devices and to browsers in general, is looking to change your view. If you watch the trailer below you’d never expect it to be on Facebook, neither the visuals nor the gameplay betray it in that sense.

As it’s just headed into Open Beta, or at least the singleplayer side, you can now go and find it here and begin your journey as one of two characters. The controls are particularly tight, and for a brawler, that’s make or break. The attacks have weight behind them and the combat is quite brutal, which again is a surprise for something that you can play on Facebook.

Both the characters play differently enough to warrant trying them both out, though you do have to complete the first chapter before you unlock the second one. It’s all free and the currency system seems to be most agreeable, in that it doesn’t try and ram paid purchases down your throat (yet anyway). Hopefully it’ll show that browser based games don’t have to be laden with micro-transactions or be simplistic in design visually.

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Written by Sean P

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