Microsoft Crackdown on free Gold games


Microsoft are making good on their promise of free games for Xbox Live Gold members. Whether or not you are actually interested in the games that come up for grabs is another thing altogether. Fortunately this months pickings are far from slim, and all very much of the Open World persuasion. Firstly we have the rather excellent, if not slightly overshadowed by its bundled Halo 3 Beta access, Crackdown, from Realtime Worlds (also of APB fame, and now defunct). A game about jumping really high, like a superhero and shooting, blowing up, beating down, etc, criminals like an antihero. You also get transforming cars, one of which can jump and climb up the sides of buildings, another drives really fast and has guns on it, what more do you people want!?

That is now free from today up until the 16th of this month giving you ample time to grab this freebie. It is quite old admittedly, so many of you may already have it or plan to buy it for the reasonably cheap prices that it goes for elsewhere. The second offering is actually two more recent but still older titles that go nicely hand in hand, being of the same series and all that.

This second set is Dead Rising 2 (not the one with Frank West as the main character, that one is Dead Rising 2: Off the Record) and it’s downloadable prequel, Dead Rising: Case Zero. While both got generally high scores etc, if you get tired of story based constraints then in some ways Case Zero is the better one if only for it’s shortness and distilling the most fun into the shortest experience you could need. Either way it’s a good jumping point before you tackle the main game as it’ll give you a few bonuses like character levels and cards for weapon creation. These two will be free from the 16th until the end of the month, when something else will be announced to take its place.

The thing you should take away from this, is that the offerings from this promotion are pretty good and they should hopefully keep a pace similar to this. It’s never going to appease everyone, but what they are giving away are good games, so … more of these please? Both this and Playstation Plus have their own merits so hopefully Microsoft will see enough good press/Gold sales to warrant it continuing after the Xbox One launch.

Source: Major Nelson

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