Just Fun with Alexander Brandon and friends

Just Fun Album Art

You may know that music is fun, pure fun, some might even say – Just Fun. And that ladies and gentlemen is exactly the title of hardened videogame music veteran, Alexander Brandon’s new Studio Collaboration Album.

Being the successful musician behind Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal and Deus Ex, he has begun a Kickstarter to bring his album to the masses. It’s already broken the initial funding goal and is on its way to meeting the second goal.

An all-star cast of musicians feature throughout songs on the album, including; Jake Kaufman of Wayforward, Jimmy Hinson of Big Giant Circles, Danny Baranowsky of Super Meat Boy fame and many more. There is sneak peak of the music in the Kickstarter video below and it shows how good it sounds already.

Due out in June 2014, it’ll be polished to perfection and if the extra goals are reached then you can look forward to a second album of remixes, professional mastering or even a documentary. $10 is the minimum to get a digital copy of Just Fun, so take a look and a listen, and put your money in if you like it (you totally should). At the very least, please, just listen to the 30 second clip of Chronophasia – you couldn’t possibly regret it.


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